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Shooaway™ is a beautiful and well designed tool that comes in handy and useful when dining outside, having a barcbecue or a picknick. Do you enjoy camping or a night in your garden? Are you a person who likes being outside with friends and family? And do you also think that flies, musquito’s and wasps should not interfere with you pleasure? Try Shooaway™ and find the solution!

Shooaway™ is the only product in the world that keeps flying insects away without any nasty odour, harmful chemicals or dead bugs on your table. The Shooaway™ is a stylish bug repellent suitable for any table or any other flat surface in or around your home.

Turn your Shooaway™ on and the blades will start spinning, repelling dirty flies and other fliyng insects off your food and drinks. Shooaway™ is 100% effective against flying insects. Due to it’s chemical free operation Shooaway™ is completely safe for use around children en pets. We wish you a fly-less summer!

Per table of 6 to 8 people, we recommend 2 Shooaway’s.



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Shooaway™ fly repellent

Shooaway™ fly repellent

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ShooAway™ is a completely safe and environment friendly product to keep flying insects off food and ...