Shooaway™ fly repellent

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ShooAway™ is a completely safe and environment friendly product to keep flying insects off food and drinks. Put your Shooaway™ close food and turn it on. The well placed blades wil rotate in a safe and quiet way. If anything touches the blades the Shooaway™ wil stop rotating. Use your Shooaway™ at barbecues, camping, dining outside, catering or at a picknick. It will keep flies and other flying bugs off your dinner and out of your glass.

The Shooaway™ comes in a shiny cardboard box. Shooaway™ is powered by a an economical electro engine.
(2x AA) are not included in the package. Shooaway™ complies to all European standards and was approved by CE.
Shooaway™ is produced in a publicly controlled environment without the use of child labour
Please dispose of used batteries in an environmental friendly way ?